Bill and Ted Merch - WIP

Despite being broke as hell, I occasionally indulge in perusing Ebay for Bill and Ted related merch and figurines. The probability of me ever being able to afford the expense is slim to none, but I realized that's exactly what this site is for! Indulging in collecting without having to go through the capitalist trials of being able to afford collecting things. Maybe one day I'll be able to land a better job that will net me some spare cash, but for now, enjoy this gallery of images I pulled off of ebay and google instead!

NECA Toony Classics Wyld Stallyns Figures

Standing at 6 inches tall, these figures are probably my favorites out of all the ones I've seen. Would definitely be high up on my Want list. Basing the style off of the Excellent Adventures cartoon was a great move - even though the face molds seem just a little bit off due to the shift from 2d to 3d, they hold up better than most of the other figurines that attempt realism do. Beautiful stylization instead of vague uncanny valley. Also love the detailing on their guitars - them being super beat up and mid-modification definitely speaks a lot to the characters being two high schoolers who probably bought their instruments secondhand and aren't very good at playing Or maintaining them lol.

Incendium Bill and Ted's Excellent Air Guitar Collectors Set

Apparently only 4 inches tall, but they're not bad! The translucent 'Air Guitar' accessory is such a cute concept with beautiful execution, it does a lot to make up for the inconsistencies in face molds and costuming (like Ted's socks being white instead of grey and his shoelaces being red instead of purple). These ones are also notable due to the Bill and Ted Roll the Dice variant covers designed to look like these exact figures in their packaging!

Kenner Speaker Amp and Cassette Tape Action Figures

An absolutely excellent concept - plug the amp into a cassette player and plug the action figures into the amp! It's hard to find actual footage of these things in use, but it seems like the idea is that the figure would move in time to its corresponding instrument's track, which is super neat. These seem to trend the most expensive out of the lots - probably due to their technological nature. Absolutely would never be able to own them - but I'll admit that the inclusion of the 2.99$ sale sticker on a listing running over 180$ is a bold move and also kind of funny.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Board Game

Seems to be a board game where players compete to 'win' the highest number of historical figures before the clock runs out. Rather than dice or something, movement seems to be dictacted by tiles called 'movement buttons', which delineate both the number and direction of spaces that the player has to follow. The art style is a little simplistic, but it's kind of a fun stylization - especially on figures like Joan of Arc or Billy the Kid. "The winner forms Wyld Stallyns and brings utopian harmony to civilization as we know it. Everyone else is sent to Oats Military academy in Alaska" = based.

Ted Theodore Logan Movie Bear

Doesn't get cuter than this, I think. The only source of devastation is that there doesn't seem to be a Bill Preston counterpart :(

Bill and Ted's Most Atypical Movie Cards

Some of these cards feature more prominantly on the Archived Bill and Ted Fansite page over here, but they seem really neat. An excellent blend of promotional photos, screengrabs from the film, and interesting notes quotes and trivia. Seems to be a whole set of around 100 cards - if I had any idea how people usually display trading cards, these would definitely be higher up on my list. As is, even though they seem the most easily affordable, I'd worry that they'd just sit in a drawer for lack of other options and never see the light of day again lol