For a scene to be considered "omitted," there must be strong evidence that it was actually filmed but not included in the movie.  Bogus Journey is noted for its large amount of omitted footage, but Excellent Adventure had its fair share of scenes which were left on the cutting room floor for one reason or another.  Here is an overview of these scenes.  For more detailed explanations of how some of these scenes played out, refer to the Script Variations.

The bus stop air guitar concert


Originally, we were first supposed to meet Bill and Ted at the bus stop as they wait for the school bus.  They perform an exuberant air guitar concert, much to the surprise (and probably annoyance) of other people waiting for their busses.  (Note the other school kids, especially the nerdy guy!)

The bus ride to school

It was on the bus to school that Bill and Ted were to discuss what they needed to be successful - band t-shirts or Eddie Van Halen.  This was later changed to the scene in the garage.  Note that when we first see the school in the final film we see a school bus pulling into the parking lot.

Talking to the popular kids in the parking lot


Once Bill and Ted arrive at school, they greet the popular kids, Randolf, Ox, Jody and Buffy (who happen to have the same names as the two kids in the old comedy series, Family Affair!) in the parking lot.  While Bill and Ted greet them nicely, the popular kids treat them as a joke.  Randolf even calls them "miscreants," which Bill and Ted mistakenly take as a compliment.

Asking the cheerleaders to the prom



Bill and Ted then go to their lockers, where they again see Jody and Buffy, the cheerleaders.  Ted asks them if they want to go to the prom, using every possible combination of himself, Bill and the girls, but they are rejected outright.  From the signs we can see the theme of the prom was to be "Love in the Spring."

Meeting Cavemen in Prehistoric San Dimas

There was originally more involvement with the cavemen (one of whom is named Og) when Bill, Ted and the historical figures found themselves stuck in Prehistoric San Dimas.  Ted also had a clipboard, which he used to keep track of the historical figures, as if they were all on a massive field trip.


Getting into the station wagon to go to the mall

There was a scene filmed in which we see the historical figures getting into Missy's station wagon after they finish Bill's chores so that Missy can take them to the mall.  Lincoln and Freud argue over who gets to ride shotgun.  Bill finally decides that Lincoln should sit up front since his legs are longer.


The historical figures are seen being taken away outside the mall

We have no photos from this shoot, but apparently Bill and Ted were supposed to see the historical figures being loaded into police cars (or a police vehicle of some kind) and taken from the mall.  This was actually filmed outside the Paradise Valley Mall as opposed to the Metrocenter Mall where the interior mall shots were filmed.

The final report in the classroom



The final report scene was originally written to take place in the classroom.  Later, Ed and Chris changed this to an auditorium.  But when the movie was filmed, the scene was moved back to a classroom.  The popular kids had given their report dressed as historical figures (you can see them sitting in the foreground above.)  The historical figures used the chalkboard for their presentations, for instance Beethoven writes out some music on the board.  At one point is divided into "Excellent" and "Bogus" sections, the historical figures having picked items for each category (girls, baseball bats, escalators, waterslides and a Nerf football making the excellent list; jail, police cars, bowling, old fashioned clubs and an iron maiden making the bogus list).  About three weeks after this original scene was filmed, it was decided the movie would have a stronger ending if the final presentation was done in the auditorium, so the scene was re-filmed.


Remember when they went to the prom?  No??




Another scene filmed but not used in the final movie was the final scene of the film, which had Bill and Ted attending the prom with the Princess Babes after Rufus brings them from Medieval England.  Bill and Ted are seen here wearing the tuxedos with short pants which inspired that design to be used for the figures in the Kenner Jam Session Two Pack sets.  It's not clear when the decision was made to change the end to the scene in the garage for the final film (or when it was actually filmed), but presumably someone decided it would be better to keep the focus on Bill and Ted's dreams of Wyld Stallyns becoming a super band at the end.  And, of course, we got that classic "They do get better!" line.

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