Where to Watch!

Decided to go ahead and compile a list of links to share what I've been able to find of the various Bill and Ted medias. Some links may wind up broken eventually, since streaming services seem to constantly be cycling out their content at a rapid rate, but hopefully they'll decide to stick around!

The Movies

  • Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
  • Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey
  • Bill and Ted Face the Music

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures (Cartoon)

  • The Internet Archive - Can be a bit confusing to navigate since the uploader did not post them in order; currently looking around to see if there's a way I can make a playlist of sorts on the site to help keep everything straight!
  • The Roku Channel - Free with ads

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures (Live Action)

  • YouTube - Generally regarded as Bad. Haven't watched it myself yet personally, but since I'm sure curiosity will get the better of me eventually, I went ahead and included it!

Bill and Ted's Excellent Musical Adventure

  • YouTube - Not the musical itself, but a complete soundtrack with a script download in the description
  • Live in hope that a recording of the few performances that did occur may one day surface, but none have emerged as of yet :(
  • BillandTed.org Summary and Interviews - Here's more information on the play in the meantime!

Comic Series