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The Study Desk

This page is essentially a home for the notes I take on the nonfiction I read - pulled from my binder and transcribed here for easy access. The notes pages are technically mobile responsive, but the spacing is only really functional on a full screen. Still organizing how I want this main page to look lol. For now, click on the book covers to access my notes on them!


Title: Chronic Pain, BDSM, and Crip Time

Author: Emma Sheppard

Published: July 2023

Publisher: Routledge

Length: 108 Pages

Index: Book, Disability, Chronic Pain, Affected Author, Sexuality




Title: Care Work: Dreaming Disability Justice

Author: Leah Lakshmi Piepza-Samarasinha

Published: October 2018

Publisher: Arsenal Pulp Press

Length: 304 Pages

Index: Book, Disability, Affected Author, Disability Justice


Title: "Before Your Very Eyes: Illness, Agency, and the Management of Tourette Syndrome"

Author: Andrew Buckser

Published: June 2008

Publisher: Medical Anthropology Quarterly

Length: 26 Pages

Index: Journal Article, Disability, Tic Disorders, Neurodiversity


Title: "Movements of the Uncontrollable Body Part Two"

Author: Bronwyn Valentine

Published: May 2019

Publisher: The Offing

Length: 8 Pages

Index: Editorial, Personal Essay, Disability, Affected Author


Title: "The Embodied Performance of Tics & Tourette Syndrome in the Academic Environment"

Author: Benjamin Allen

Published: Spring 2023

Publisher: Digital Commons @ UMaine

Length: 88 Pages

Index: Journal Article, Disability, Tic Disorders, Neurodiversity, Affected Author