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A place to store and collect some of my favorite websites / pages / resources from around the net

Disability / Mad Studies

Why Neurodiversity and Entomology So Often Go Together

The Shared History of Schizophrenia and Autism

Radical Visibility - Sky Cubacub

Hearing Voices Network

Psych Survivor Archive

Pheonix Rising: Voice of the Psychiatrized (November 1982)

Pheonix Rising: Voice of the Psychiatrized (Spring 1983)

I did at some point have a link to a webpage that hosted multiple if not all printed issues of Pheonix Rising, but can't seem to find it now :/ In the meantime, have those couple of issues I'd bookmarked specifically. I'll update this page if I ever find the original site.

Asylum Magazine

The Myth of Mental Health by Kai Cheng Thom

'Book of Lamentations' by Sam Kriss

Useful Programs / Websites

Electric Zine Maker

5e Tools (D&D)

Merch Table