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Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet! I'm Changeling and I am what could generously be called an Enthusiast :) This website was created to be a stomping ground for my special interests to run absolutely Wild! I'm not sure if the pages on this site could be accurately called "Shrines", maybe more Museums, but I hope that you could find them interesting either way! Please feel free to peruse my collections and notes and see what you can find :D



Update Log

  • 6-20-24 - Added an Actual Play section, replacing the Study Desk - haven't corrected all of the nav bars yet because it's a pain, but I'll get there.
  • 3-31-24 - Switched out the Bridge tab at the top for a Study Desk tab; the Bridge has been relocated to the Library.
  • 3-21-24 - Thinking I'm going to go through and redesign my Bill and Ted archive again lol.
  • 2-24-24 - Struggling to figure out how to organize some of the Marble Hornets pages - debates on whether to include analysis on its own individual page, or whether it should go under the relationship dynamics pages, or in individual character pages, that kind of thing. Complicated! But also added some more blinkies and stamps around the site.
  • 2-17-24 - Revamped my little About page. Added a Webkinz shrine to the Library. Moomins shrine still a work in progress.
  • 2-03-24 - Changed the layout of the Marble Hornets archive again bc I wasn't feeling the iframes for it anymore lol. All pages should be updated/fixed; planning to continue going through to edit/update pages as needed.
  • 2-01-24 - Working on the totheark uploads pages again now that I've found a tutorial for how to do a 'read more' click through section! Base pages for all three seasons' uploads have been created, but the additional separation and notes is still a work in progress at the moment.
  • 1-21-24 - Added M*A*S*H* Shrine to the Library; still a WIP though!
  • 1-19-24 - Added new blinkies to the home page; still working on expanding the Star Trek archive. Thinking i'm going to go clean up some of the Marble Hornets pages soon :3c
  • 12-23-23 - Scattering some new images around. Added a Star Trek archive! All of the site's navbars should be updated to include a link to the bridge
  • 12-22-23 - The Bill and Ted archive should be updated with the new layout/iframes; still working on some of the aesthetics of the page, but it should be functional!
  • 12-20-23 - Working on adding new reviews to the Star Trek Novels page as I read them. My vocabulary feels much more easily accessible for complaints, so I've been trying to spend more time trying to successfully articulate why I like things as well lol. Still trying to find a satisfying layout for the page as a whole though, so watch out for construction in there
  • 12-02-23 - The Marble Hornets archive should be updated with a new layout/iframes! Also created a page for movie reviews :3
  • 12-01-23 - Updated main pages with the new layout; still planning on creating new bases for the Marble Hornets and the Bill and Ted archives. Added new pages like About the Webmaster and Book Recs.
  • 11-15-23 - Want to add more little images and details and possibly start using iframes to cut down on the size of the site? also tentatively trying out actuall css stylesheets instead of doing all of the css directly on the page with the style tags; hopefully this will also cut down on page sizes :3
  • 11-13-23 - Been a while! Edited the code of my Zelda Donovan page so that it's hopefully less likely to break completely on screens with differing dimensions!
  • 07-08-23 - Added a love letter to Face the Music in the Bill and Ted section! Also thinking about going through to decorate that whole part of the library with more a franchise-fitting theme, so keep an eye out for that!!
  • 06-15-23 - Beginning to lay the ground work for some Dimension 20 pages! The shape of the Index is mostly done, and I will be going through to work on the frames for the individual seasons as time passes. In the meantime, check out the Library where I have shrines dedicated to two of my favorite characters from this show - Zelda Donovan and Evan Kelmp
  • 04-27-23 - Added some new buttons to my front page :3
  • 04-18-23 - Every totheark video now has a section on the 'codes and meanings' page. I wouldn't call the page finished - there are still some interpretations I might add or uncover as time passes, and I'd also like to figure out how to include a 'click to reveal' text thing to help hide spoilers for folks who'd like to know the decoded meaning of the videos without reading the in-context spoilers, but every video is now included.
  • 04-16-23 - Added a few new buttons/stamps to the home page! Added some outside sites and resources to the Marble Hornets Index page.
  • 04-07-23 - Started Marble Hornets Season 2 commentary notes. Finally added the Hospital settings page to the settings list.
  • 04-04-23 - More notes added to Marble Horbets pages. To-Do Note: eventually want to set up reference links in the text of other pages, not unlike Wikipedia. Think it'd be fun lol
  • 04-02-2023 - Couple new pages added to the Marble Hornets archive - personal uploads summaries and a highlight reel from a thesis written on Marble Hornets, as well as a summary page for the Comic issues. Went through and finally updated nav bar on all pages.
  • 12-29-2022 - Zelda Donovan shrine added! Did my best to replicate old MySpace profile layouts lol - hope it comes across accurately!!