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Marble Hornets Archive

I wanted a place where I could hoard and easily access all of the Marble Hornets analysis and commentary that I've found and made over the years. A lot of these pages are built to help navigate the series, especially aspects like the code breaking and the non-video content, so keep in mind THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. It's definitely possible to understand the series just from watching the base Marble Hornets Channel Uploads, but you're definitely missing out on a lot of details and neat stuff!!

A lot of the pages in this site are still under construction and constantly in the process of being written and rewritten. I don't always keep a good record of what has been updated and changed, but I plan on trying my best!

The Characters

Alex Kralie as the stigmatic

Brian Thomas as the prophet

Jay Merrick as the watcher

Tim Wright as the runner

Jessica Locke as the remnant


Series Summary

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Series Comprehensive